• Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentations on the above and related themes. An abstract should not exceed 400 words containing title, authors, author/ addresses/affiliation  and email of the corresponding author. The text should be typed in Times New Roman in font size 12 with 1” (one inch/approximately 2.5cm) margin all around. Only soft copies should be submitted by email to  on or before 30th June 2017. Abstract of students should be endorsed by the chairman/major adviser.
  • The ICHWC organizers regard plagiarism as a serious professional misconduct. All submissions will be screened for plagiarism and when identified, the submissions by the same author will be rejected. A submission SHOULD NOT be intended to get reviews from the Program Committee for the sole purpose of improving the quality of the abstract. A submission implies that the author intends to ultimately register the abstract upon a favorable response from the conference organizers.  ICHWC doesn’t encourage withdrawals after the ABSTRACT is accepted.  


Sample Abstract Given Below